Search International, based in New England, specializes in executive search, talent acquisition and placement. Core specialty areas focus on executive management, food and beverage, sales and marketing, gaming and hospitality Client placements include senior corporate management, culinary, food and beverage, restaurant operations, catering, and gaming. The firm’s club and leisure division has provided talent acquisition for over two decades to the world’s finest clubs.

The Boston Business Journal ranks Search International as the foremost executive search firm in the northeast region. Our database allows frequent contact with top industry candidates and hospitality organizations that frequent our services for top caliber senior operations and management professionals.

Our firm’s recruitment division targets experienced individuals with skills, knowledge and leadership roles that set industry standards. Our recruitment focus concentrates primarily on candidates who generate and produce a level of profit, quality and high performance for our client organizational needs. Top assignments are repeatedly filled with exact fits of job requirements with a compensation level appropriate for the position. As a result, this search technique saves clients time, money and resources.

Large sophisticated international databases combined with evaluation tools provide candidate testing and profile assessment to insure accurate placement. Information technology allows access to multi-company hospitality databases that include Corporate World, Back Bay Resume, Hotel & Restaurant Personnel of America, Roth Young of Boston, and Delray Executive Search, organizations that Search International has acquired over the past 25 years. As a result, we interface with the most dynamic talent pools in the industry.

Inquiry training and corporate development program testing are continually assessed and overseen by our qualified professionals.

  • Needs Analysis - Organization , task and individual assessments
  • Selection Systems - Job analysis, test validation, recruitment, pre-screening, structured interviews
  • Performance Appraisal - Employee opinion surveys, exit interviews, manager ratings customer satisfaction surveys
  • Benchmarking - Basic skills, ability/personality traits, employee reliability inventory, Hay Aptitude Test Battery, Campbell Interest & Skill Survey, Entrepreneurial Quotient (EQ)
  • FIRO-B - Personality inventory
  • Management Success Profile - Comprehensive multi-dimensional profile assessment
  • Sigma Testing - Full pre-hire assessment for successful organization match
  • Myers Briggs - Qualitative assessment

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